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Proper access to government information is also under the spotlight as a result of developments at the ICAC inquiry into former NSW Government Minister, Eddie Obeid.It has been revealed that there was potential failure by NSW government agencies to release all relevant information to Parliament under Legislative Council Standing Order 52 (Order for the Production of Documents) - a little like an FOI (GIPA) request. It appears that the documents concerning the relevant matters released to Parliament are not as comprehensive as those that have appeared at the ICAC inquiry. In addition, the agencies ordered to produce the documents do not seem to have provided reasons for non-compliance. In other words, it was inferred that all relevant documents had been produced for Parliament.In a recent radio interview concerning this matter, the interviewer asked the interviewee whether production of documents would include email! Oh dear, the message is still not getting through, is it.Further information on this interesting situation, see

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