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Then who is M?

I love an analogy; particularly when it relates to pop culture icons such as James Bond. Jeffrey Lewis, Records Analyst at Zimmerman Associates Incorporated, blogs that “with managing electronic records RIM is James Bond and IT is Q” because IT provides the tools and RIM is responsible for the rules. I’m not sure that 007 was responsible for the rules – or that he always played by them. And if RIM is James Bond and IT is Q, who is M? What should M be in an organisational structure, overseeing both James Bond and Q?

Just while I’m up on my hobby horse; can we clarify the use of the RIM acronym; if we’re concerned about using the broader IM (information management) because it confuses the line between the information content and information technology, then let’s use the expansion of RIM used in other countries (e.g. Canada) – recorded information management NOT records and information management). The role of the RIM practitioner should be to assist with the management of all their organisation’s recorded information, much of which may not be documents and not suitable for capture in an EDRMS.

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